The Advantages of Seeing a Prosthodontist

The Advantages of Seeing a Prosthodontist

Oct 16, 2019

If missing or damaged teeth are preventing you from smiling confidently, you should pursue the guidance of a dental professional in order to have them restored. When choosing between providers for your dental care, you should consider the unique benefits each professional has to offer, and determine which services best fit your needs. When it comes to replacing or restoring teeth, prosthodontists are considered reliable authorities in their field and provide a wealth of services designed with your health and aesthetics in mind.

If you need cosmetic or restorative dental work, you should take the following advantages of seeing a prosthodontist into account:

Prosthodontists have additional training. While a general dentist has years of experience and can help improve and preserve the health of a patient’s smile, it is not uncommon for them to collaborate with a prosthodontist in order to restore teeth that have suffered damage. Prosthodontists have received additional training that allows them to place and restore implants and many other prosthetically-driven services, including cosmetic treatment with veneers or dental restorations.

They have more experience with certain conditions. Certain issues that arise, such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) need to be treated by experienced professionals in order to alleviate a patient’s discomfort. In collaboration with general dentists and other specialists, a prosthodontist can play an integral role in treating these conditions. For instance, to reduce the impact of excessive teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism) associated with TMD, a prosthodontist supplies restorations that return the structure to worn teeth while withstanding this additional pressure.

Prosthodontists have extensive training in restoration. When you need dental implants in order to complete your smile, it pays to work with a specialist who can both accurately plan the placement and craft beautiful restorations that match your smile. Prosthodontists regularly perform restorative and reconstructive procedures, whether a patient needs to replace a tooth or repair an existing crown. These specialists take an artistic approach to cosmetic work, utilizing advanced technology and years of training to design a beautiful smile based on your specifications.

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