Digital Comprehensive Treatment Planning in Calgary, AB

At Northwest Prosthodontics, we often see patients who require extensive restorative dentistry. In such cases, we know that proper planning across all treatment phases is crucial to the success of the restoration procedures. If we have a patient who requires a full mouth rehabilitation, for instance, we must plan every treatment meticulously. If one phase of treatment goes wrong, this may negatively impact the outcome.

Fortunately, we are not in the business of disappointing our patients, and for this reason, our dental office in Calgary AB has invested in digital comprehensive treatment planning.

What is Digital Comprehensive Treatment Planning?

Digital comprehensive treatment planning, as the name suggests, involves the use of digital technology in the design and organization of dental treatments for patients. At Northwest Prosthodontics, we have invested in superior technology that enables us to digitally store comprehensive records of our patients, as well as engage in 2D and 3D treatment planning. Our technology allows us to provide accurate and efficient solutions to all our patients, regardless of the type of restoration(s) required.

Digital comprehensive treatment planning allows our prosthodontist in NW Calgary, AB, Dr. Adatia, to save time by performing the required analysis digitally instead of relying on manual means, which are often time-consuming. As a patient, this translates into fewer dental appointments and faster results.

Benefits of Digital Comprehensive Treatment Planning

With digital comprehensive treatment planning, we can show our patients what they can expect to achieve after a few months of treatment. There is nothing like a 3D rendering of your perfect smile to motivate you to get started on your restorative procedures!

Comprehensive planning eliminates the element of surprise, which is never a pleasant thing when it comes to dental procedures. This type of planning allows Dr. Adatia in Calgary, AB, a 360-degree view of your treatment path. Armed with such information, Dr. Adatia can map out a treatment plan that works best for your case.

Have you always felt self-conscious about your misaligned teeth? Do you want the assurance that your trips to the dentist’s office will not be in vain? Northwest Prosthodontist offers digital comprehensive treatment planning, a cutting edge solution that empowers both our prosthodontist and yourself throughout your treatment. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our prosthodontist near you. We welcome new patients from the neighboring communities of Brentwood, Varsity, Airdrie, North Haven, Nose Hill Park, and the University of Calgary.

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