Replacing the Teeth You Never Had

Replacing the Teeth You Never Had

Oct 16, 2019

Having teeth missing due to decay or injury is a common dental issue, but what if some or all of your permanent teeth never erupted? Many with congenitally missing teeth want to know how they can fill the spaces in their smile which have been present since birth.

Common Treatment for a Common Issue

While any tooth in the smile can potentially be congenitally missing, it is not uncommon for the lateral incisors, the teeth between the central incisors and canines, to be missing. When this occurs, the canines move closer to the central incisors to fill the gap. This leads to the smile having a more compact appearance compared with typical smiles.

Lateral incisors that do not grow cause several complications to occur, such an underdeveloped jaw bone and misalignment of the bottom and upper incisors. These functional detriments lead to uneven wear and an altered smile line.

Treatment for congenitally missing teeth involves orthodontic intervention and dental implant placement. Traditional braces are able to move teeth and clear away the space needed to safely and securely add a new prosthetic to the smile. Once the new space is large enough to house a dental implant, the post acts as the tooth’s root and generates the support necessary to maintain structure.

Benefits of Replacing Congenitally Missing Teeth

When the tooth is replaced with a dental implant near me, the implant posts support both the prosthetic and surrounding teeth and bone. This allows the jaw to develop properly while improving bite functions. When all teeth are present in the smile, they are more comfortable and functional.

The chances for successful treatment increase depending on the timing of this procedure. Patients receiving replacements sooner rather than later have an increased likelihood of successful implant integration and future dental development.

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