Dental Crowns & Bridges in Calgary, AB

Crowns and bridges are types of dental restorations that a prosthodontist near you can use to replace missing, cracked, unsightly, or broken teeth. Unlike dental prosthetics such as dentures that can be removed at will, crowns and bridges are fixed in place.

What are Dental Crowns and How Do They Work?

A dental crown is a custom cover or cap that fits perfectly over a tooth to correct various dental anomalies. Dental crowns Calgary may be made from porcelain or ceramic, resin, stainless steel or gold, and other metal alloys. Dr. Adatia, a prosthodontist in Calgary, Alberta, can fit you with dental crowns if:

  • You have gotten your tooth filled, and most of your natural tooth is too worn down to protect the filling.
  • You have a weak tooth that’s at risk of fracturing in the future.
  • Your tooth is misaligned or misshapen.
  • You have undergone a root canal treatment and need to cover the affected tooth.
  • You need a dental bridge.

What are Dental Bridges and How Do They Work?

At Northwest Prosthodontics, we recommend dental bridge Calgary as one excellent option for patients who have lost one or several of their teeth. Dental bridges “bridge” or close the gap caused by missing teeth, thus helping to restore the function and beauty of your mouth. A dental bridge usually consists of a replacement tooth (or teeth) suspended between two crowns attached to the abutment teeth (teeth on either side of the gap).

Your Appointment at Northwest Prosthodontics

During your appointment for crowns and bridges at Northwest Prosthodontics, the first thing our prosthodontist will do is remove some enamel, crack lines, and old fillings from the teeth, which will be fitted with crowns. This is done utilizing anesthesia for patient comfort and is a necessary step to make room for the crowns and to give a solid foundation for the crown.

After the reduction of your tooth enamel, the prosthodontist makes impressions of your teeth and sends this to our in house dental lab. You may be issued with temporary crowns to protect your teeth during the waiting period. The dental lab manufactures crowns and bridges that match the color of your teeth (if you have opted for porcelain or composite resin crowns). During your second appointment, Dr. Adatia will remove your temporary crown and cement your permanent crown.

Losing your teeth negatively impacts your oral health and even your self-confidence. If you have gaps in your mouth brought on by decay or injury, the good news is that Northwest Prosthodontics can give you back a full smile using crowns and bridges. If this sounds like something you would like, then our highly experienced prosthodontist in Calgary, Alberta, is awaiting your call. Our practice welcomes new patients from the surrounding areas of Brentwood, Varsity, Airdrie, North Haven, Nose Hill Park, and the University of Calgary.

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