Porcelain or Zirconia- Which Material is Right for You?

Porcelain or Zirconia- Which Material is Right for You?

Oct 16, 2019

For patients in need of dental implant restoration, there are several reliable materials that can help them smile and function comfortably. Of the options available, porcelain and zirconia are arguably the most popular, but it’s important to know both the benefits they share and the differences between them.

Aesthetic Solutions for Dental Implant Patients

While gold or metal alloy crowns have traditionally been valued as highly resilient teeth replacements, some patients may prefer an option that blends in with the rest of their smile. Both porcelain and zirconia share visual qualities with natural teeth while remaining durable enough to withstand everyday use. These materials allow patients to eat what they want without worrying about potential damage.

Some of the pros and cons of each material include:

  • Porcelain is considered the most cosmetically pleasing of the available materials, able to produce life-like results. While it may not be as strong as gold or zirconia, its translucent nature allows it to blend in seamlessly with neighboring teeth. Porcelain can be fused to a metal alloy, trading in some of the aesthetic value for improved strength.
  • Porcelain is great at resisting stains and is generally more cost-effective than zirconia or metal restorations.
  • Zirconia is strong enough in many cases not to require a metal framework and is less likely to fracture due to dental trauma. While porcelain tends to blend with natural teeth without alteration, the shade of zirconia can be changed to match a patient’s surrounding teeth.

Make the Most Informed Decision

It’s important to outline preexisting allergies with your dentist before agreeing to implant restoration, regardless of the material used. For instance, while some may not have issues with metal in their bite, others experience an allergic response and cannot live comfortably with this framework in their mouth. With the help of a prosthodontic specialist, you can make an informed decision about the options most appropriate for your smile.

Learn More About Your Restoration Options!

At Northwest Prosthodontics, Dr. Nimet Adatia both places and restores dental implants for her patients in Calgary. Whether you would gain the most benefit from porcelain, zirconia, or gold crowns, Dr. Adatia and her team work with a variety of materials when providing services to replace teeth. For more information on the appropriate restoration for your smile, contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

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