Understanding the Importance of Dental Crowns and Bridges for Optimal Oral Health

Understanding the Importance of Dental Crowns and Bridges for Optimal Oral Health

Oct 01, 2023

In modern dentistry, dental crowns and bridges are indispensable tools prosthodontists utilize to restore the integrity and aesthetics of smiles. These dental restorations are crucial in addressing various dental issues, from missing teeth to cracked or misshapen ones. If you’re seeking the expertise of a prosthodontist near you, understanding the significance of dental crowns and bridges can empower you to make informed decisions about your oral health.


Dental Crowns: Enhancing Form and Function


A dental crown, often called a cap, is a tailor-made covering that encases a damaged tooth. Dental crowns in Calgary are versatile solutions to various dental concerns, crafted from materials like porcelain, ceramic, resin, stainless steel, or gold. Dental crowns can be a game-changer if you’ve experienced tooth wear due to extensive fillings or have a weak tooth prone to fracture.


Imagine a scenario: you’ve recently undergone a root canal treatment to salvage a severely decayed tooth. In such cases, a dental crown can come to the rescue. It provides an additional layer of protection, sealing off the treated tooth from potential infections while restoring its structural integrity. This preserves the tooth and ensures that it seamlessly blends with your natural teeth.


Bridging the Gap: Dental Bridges Explained


For those grappling with the loss of one or more teeth, dental bridges offer a viable solution. These restorations aptly “bridge” the gap left by missing teeth, serving functional and aesthetic purposes. A dental bridge is a procedure that replaces missing teeth with synthetic substitutes. This is done by bonding dental crowns together. The crowns are securely attached to the nearby healthy teeth, closing the gap.


The benefits of dental bridges extend beyond mere appearance. When teeth are lost, adjacent teeth might shift into the vacant space, disrupting the alignment of your bite. Dentists near you help with dental bridges that prevent this from happening, maintaining the natural alignment of your teeth and safeguarding your oral health.


Your Journey to Restored Dental Health at Northwest Prosthodontics


Considering dental crowns and bridges near you in Calgary, Northwest Prosthodontics is a beacon of expertise and care. The practice is led by Dr. Adatia, an accomplished prosthodontist specializing in restoring smiles and confidence through these transformative dental solutions.


Your journey at Northwest Prosthodontics begins with a thorough assessment. Any necessary enamel reduction, crack line repair, and replacement of old fillings are done during your appointment. This groundwork provides a sturdy foundation for the placement of crowns. Impressions of your teeth are taken and sent to the in-house dental lab, where custom crowns and bridges are meticulously crafted to match the color and shape of your natural teeth.


Temporary crowns may be provided to protect your teeth as you await your permanent restorations. During your subsequent visit, Dr. Adatia removes the temporary crown and expertly cements your new permanent crown, ensuring a seamless fit and natural appearance.


A Radiant Smile Awaits You


How does your smile reflect your inner confidence? Beyond mere aesthetics, dental crowns and bridges rejuvenate oral health and functionality. But at Northwest Prosthodontics, we offer more than restoration: from sleep apnea testing, Botox, and SureSmile clear aligners to implants and comprehensive smile makeovers. We’re your one-stop destination for transformative dental care, serving Calgary and nearby areas, including Varsity, Brentwood, Nose Hill Park, Airdrie, North Haven, and the University of Calgary. Don’t let dental imperfections hold you back. Reach out to our seasoned prosthodontist today and begin your path to a renewed smile and elevated self-assurance. Contact us today! 

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