How Dental Implants Help Oral Health

How Dental Implants Help Oral Health

Oct 16, 2019

More than ever, individuals with oral health concerns have cause for optimism. Per a 2010 report by Health Canada, there has been a significant decrease in the percentage of adults with no natural teeth. While this means more people are enjoying a life free from complete edentulism, there are still those who need a reliable solution for damaged or absent teeth. For these patients, dental implants offer the versatility and security to grant the full cosmetic and functional benefits of a renewed smile makeover Calgary.

These prosthetics positively interact with natural oral structures, which is the main reason dental professionals often achieve successful outcomes from implant procedures. Consider the following ways dental implants improve the wellbeing of the mouth as a whole:

Return Function and Comfort

Until teeth are worn or lost, it is easy to take the role they play in daily life for granted. Having a complete, healthy smile helps with typical activities like speaking clearly during conversations and enjoying meals thanks to the ability to chew and digest properly. According to the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS) for 2007 through 2009, 12% of people reported that they stayed away from certain foods because of dental and oral health issues, illustrating the importance of a full set of teeth.

Dental implants offer a comprehensive solution, replacing absent or impaired teeth from top to bottom. Posts made of biocompatible titanium serve as the new roots. These are then topped by attractive, resilient restorations that look, feel, and behave like naturally healthy teeth. Not only can patients eat and speak normally as a result, in some cases, patients gain greater function and comfort from their implants than they had prior to experiencing tooth loss.

Restore Smiles without Impacting Healthy Teeth

Dental bridges have a longstanding history as fixed options for addressing tooth loss. The process of a receiving a bridge involves preparing teeth on either side of the affected area and using these as anchors. While this replacement option can successfully hold the space, studies have uncovered that nearly half of dental bridges fail within ten years of being placed. Even more troubling is that the teeth supporting the bridge often need extraction or other restorative care within 12-14 years. This is true even for teeth that were in exceptional condition before the treatment process.

By contrast, dental implants integrate with the jaw bone to form a solid foundation, completely avoiding the need to alter the condition of adjacent teeth. For patients with sufficient gum and bone health, implants could be used for support in situations where conventional bridges would typically be recommended. Serving as the new tooth roots, implants also stimulate bone tissue and impede the process of resorption that occurs when teeth are absent over a prolonged period of time.

Dental implant near me help prevent the appearance of premature aging as well as the development of orthodontic issues from an unhealthy shift in bite positioning.

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There’s no need to let issues with your smile prevent you from doing what you love and having the oral health you deserve. If you have missing or significantly impaired teeth, Dr. Nimet Adatia provides dental implants in Calgary, along with a supportive atmosphere for the patients who need them. For more information about implants and your treatment options, contact Northwest Prosthodontics today!

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