Can Dental Veneers Really Change Your Smile As Described?

Can Dental Veneers Really Change Your Smile As Described?

Mar 05, 2020

Do you have a set of issues with your teeth that are not allowing you to smile properly? It is the perfect time for you to research for a prosthodontist near me to seek advice about how you can change your appearance and smile with dental veneers.

Porcelain veneers near me are often known as dental veneers and are thin porcelain shells that are tooth-colored and can be placed over your front teeth. Veneers are a permanent solution to different types of cosmetic dental problems, can be easily cared for, and will last a lifetime with proper care. They can improve the cosmetic appearance of your smile and eventually your confidence.

Why Should You Consider Getting Veneers?

You may have several reasons behind your decision to get dental veneers. Some of the most common reasons people are getting veneers include the following:

Yellow Teeth

If your teeth are affected by a cosmetic problem like a dull smile you can rest assured veneers can address this issue. Your teeth could be stained from years of having coffee, smoking cigarettes, or eating acidic foods. It is the reason why cosmetic dentists are recommending that you follow these suggestions to keep your smile bright at-home. You can certainly undergo the procedure of professional teeth cleaning for removing the stains but must understand they will return as soon as you begin having staining foods again. Thankfully, veneers are stain-resistant and will remain white even after a decade of using them just as they were when placed by the prosthodontist in Calgary.

Gapped or Crooked Teeth

Dental veneers are the perfect option for gapped or crooked teeth because they can provide you an attractive and permanent solution. When you decide to get veneers prosthodontist T3A 2L6 will be placing them over the front surface of the teeth to camouflage the gaps and crooked teeth. Gaps, crooked and any other minor issues with your teeth could be one of the major reasons why you are seeking veneers.

Enamel Damage

The enamel is the hard outer layer of the tooth and can be damaged with time because of poor dental hygiene, DIY teeth whitening treatments, teeth grinding and other issues. Your teeth will be left vulnerable to tooth decay because of enamel damage. Porcelain veneers in Calgary, AB, can offer protection to your teeth from further damage.

What Can You Expect When Deciding to Get Veneers?

If you have decided to get veneers in Calgary either from the prosthodontist near you or any other you need to find a qualified professional who can perform the procedure for the veneers. You must be certain about how many teeth you want to have the veneers on because in some cases you may benefit from receiving prosthodontics treatment for getting these placements. The prosthodontist may order x-rays and also examine your mouth to identify and correct any dental issues like tooth decay that may affect the placements.

Half a millimeter of enamel will be removed from your teeth to make space for the veneer during your next visit. The dental professional will be using a grinding tool for removing the enamel before making molds of your new smile and sending them to the dental laboratory where the technicians will be making your veneers.

Porcelain veneers will be delivered by the laboratory in a couple of weeks at which time you need to schedule another appointment. During your next visit, the dental professional will evaluate the shape, fit, and color of the veneer to make sure they are appropriate for your teeth. Thereafter the dental professional will be cleaning your teeth thoroughly to prevent bacterial growth beneath the veneer. You will again have to bear the grinding tool which will be used to create a rough texture on your enamel to help the placements stick to your teeth. The veneer will finally be placed on your teeth by the dental professional by using dental cement and ultraviolet light to harden the same. Your new smile will be ready instantly giving you the freedom to eat, drink, and Flash your smile to all and sundry immediately after your appointment.

Veneers are truly capable of changing your smile is a statement you will hear from Northwest Prosthodontics that are based in Calgary who will also offer you advice on how to maintain the placements properly. They can break or chip from physical trauma leading you to make fresh investments in expensive placements. Therefore even while caring for them gently you need to understand that dental veneers can change your smile for the better permanently.

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